Khioma Clothing. Made by hand for you.

Creating fun & interesting clothing makes me feel excited & alive. I look forward every season to wearing comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics, playing with shapes & patterns & expressing colourful moods & emotions. A mirror of the awe that nature inspires. I consistently send out ripples of change through conscious choices in how I work & how these garments are made. Kindness to the environment & its people comes with a sense of responsibility towards all that makes it possible. I delight in creative expression & it inspires me to share it with you! 

Khioma is based in Cape Town and has been manufacturing her dynamic and diverse clothing designs for four consecutive years. Her signature designs would include a range of women’s clothing which is tailored to include an array of contemporary creative designs.

Currently her range can be found in a few exclusive stores across the country as well as Namibia.


Printed Cotton Blouses.
Elegant and Edgy Evening Tops.
Tailored Fitted Jackets.
Linen Pants from Vintage, Classic Cuts to more Trendier Cuts.
Knit Dresses in Fun Silhouettes.
Skirts in All Shapes and Sizes.
Hand Knit Cardigans and Jerseys in Cotton and in Wool.