As the seasons begin to turn, shivering glamour walks in from the cold. A cozy rock bar welcomes a familiar face blown into fashion. With woolen blended, hand knitted jerseys it proves that we can still project beauty, even with legs encased & bodies wrapped in thick chunky styles. This season the use of Brocade woven with an intricate pattern of flowers, plants and other natural images, is still a desirable fabric of quality made fun with ease. Tops with Mandala Screen print design representing our universe & connects the wearer with the cycles of nature keeping mindful through challenging days & seasons.. And when it comes to winter, pants cut from plaid is the weave to take note of. Elevated by a deconstructed dropped crotch look, a true convention for a womans liberation! Wearing any trousers in active ease, makes it hard to believe that such a decision for woman was ever questionable! And lastly in case one needs to dress for drizzle, opt for the optimal urban style in the Hooded Duffel Coat. Guaranteed to brighten up the rainy days & essential for dressing up in damp weather or take a rain check, recast & make a stand to wear it against wild winds as a practical windbreaker.