KHIOMA SS 2019 Knitwear 3 Clip Series: Here Comes The Sun September 25, 2018 13:26

These days most people own multi-speed wardrobes. Consisting of both fast & slow garments, this slower knitwear range by K H I O M A is designed to last a much longer time, easily repaired, cared for & loved forever! These slower garments are lovingly & passionately made by hand through the age old technique of knitting & crocheting at home & in our local South African community. The 100% cotton yarn is recycled from up-cycled pre-loved clothes. Through technology that is rooted in our ecological system, we are now seeing the utilizing regeneration of materials & transformation of living matter into circular resources. Videography & Music composition: Miggs Auer

Cotton Fields Pullover: Remaking the world in my own image, from the nourishing beauty of the rich brown earth with.

Sea Breeze Cardigan: Creating something naturally by hand helps us to participate more fully & creatively in the ever-unfolding, alchemical process in which the land constantly makes & shapes us.

Desert Dune Sweater: Winter~Spring for those fresh mornings & chilly evenings, enjoyed naturally throughout the whole human experience.