My Summer Photo Shoot September 13, 2016 13:04

September is the month of springtime here in South Africa. The photo shoot for this up & coming summer season was so fresh & exciting!!  I love the inspirational theme.......showing how you can just move and live in my clothing designs! A nineteen hour day of non stop from waking up to packing up,  setting up, make up, dressing up & shooting! Shooting, shooting & some more photo shooting! The location scouting was super fun. We live in such a magnificent country! The weather was spot on in the deep south on that day.. Sunny, cool & crisp! Cheers to Cape Town! My body felt broken but my soul delights! I cannot stop thinking what a fantastic team I had on board with me to frolic & play on the mountains literally edging the southernmost tip of the African continent & right by the sea in the African sun rays, where life feels as wild as it gets! A phenomenal bunch of artists. Both beautiful & talented! I'm super lucky & most grateful to the gods for sending such good vibes & luck my way.. Looking forward to launching a fresh new look & feel this summer season!